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Allure 61

The compact and economical thermal window from Flandria Systems offers added value unique: in an ultra-compact design, it accepts up to 45mm of glazing.

  • Uw = 1,24 W/M2.K*
  • Ultra-compact design 
  • Contemporary look
  • Full configuration with Cover software
  • High-performance insulation

 * Uw calculation was carried out with a 2,450 mm x 2,150 mm frame and 44 mm glazing of Ug= 0.6 W/m2.K 

fenêtre allure 61
Windows and Doors
Windows and Doors

Our range of doors and windows offer you solutions to best admire your view of the outside.

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The Allure 61 range of windows offers enhanced thermal insulation and superb quality price balance. It can be used to make open in & open out windows, French windows and doors.

Allure 61 is available without thermal break.

Technical information

  • Depth frame : 61 mm 
  • Depth vent  : 69 mm 
  • Glazing thickness : 23 to 45 mm 
  • Glazing bead height : 20.5 mm 
  • Frame height : 44.5 mm 
  • Frame and vent height : 80.5 mm 
  • Polyamide strip : 24 mm


  • Straight or curved glazing beads 
  • 7 mm fork or square operating mechanism 
  • Standard or concealed hinge 
  • Visible drainage



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