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The Residence roof is a aluminium flat roof with reinforced insulation. As a pioneer in aluminium flat roof design, our system gives you a real living space that’s comfortable and habitable in all seasons. Its high inertia, freedom of design and high-performance insulation mean that it can be built with large spans to suit all types of architecture.

  • Full configuration in the Cover software
  • Wide choice of finishing options 
  • Choice of style, colour and configuration 
  • High-performance insulation 
  • Complete luxury finish
  • Integrated roller shutter 
  • Available in aluminium and/or wood
Extension de maison avec toiture plate en aluminium RESIDENCE en RAL7016 de FLANDRIA SYSTEMS

Our extensions allow you to create your homes according to your desires.

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Our Residence roofing system is the solution for your home extension while making the most of natural light. Its well-thought-out concept gives you complete freedom of design, while making production and installation easy thanks to its parameterisation in COVER. Its adaptability and flexibility make it suitable for all types of architecture and a variety of new uses.

It is available in aluminium and mixed wood-aluminium construction (Résidence Hybrid range).

Technical information

  • Filling thickness : 25 to 85 mm 
  • Permissible slope : 5° à 35°
  • Rafter height : 105 mm 
  • Rafter width : 60 mm


  • 3 choices of raising gutters 
  • 2 choices of rafters and spacers
  • Fixed or variable wall profile
  • Recessed spotlights in the gutter 
  • Solid aluminium modillions 
  • Wide choice of standard marquees 
  • Ridge crest or roof spire 
  • Raising profiles to mix 32 and 55 mm or 9 and 32 mm infills
  • Invisible fixing of posts to the eaves gutterbeam and to the ground
  • Possible in mixed wood-aluminium construction (HYBRID RESIDENCE range)
  • Infinite possibilities of shapes (with or without glazing) 
  • Possibility of 1, 2 or 4-slope glass roofs 
  • Decorative posts (for flat roofs with overhangs) 
  • Roller shutters can be integrated