Pergolas and carports


The highly insulated Latitude spine roof is one of the best verandas with thorn rafters, thanks to its waterproofing, insulation and inertia. 

  • Large reach
  • Total thermal break 
  • Triple watertightness on the facade 
  • Tightening of infills with cap or joint
  • Variable corner rafter 
  • Full configuration in the Cover software 
Couverture de piscine vitrée avec toiture à chevrons épine LATITUDE de FLANDRIA SYSTEMS

Our range of roofs offers you 1001 configurations to meet all desires.

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The Latitude range represents a new generation of thorn rafter roofs. Reinforced insulation, improved inertia, high-performance waterproofing and variable hips guarantee an unrivalled level of quality. The clamps are screwed to the rafter. 

Technical information

  • Filling thickness : 28/52/52/55/82/85 mm 
  • Permissible slope : 5° à 35° 
  • Rafter height : 120/143 mm
  • Rafter width : 75 mm 
  • One-piece gutter: 207 mm


  • 3 choices of raising gutters
  • 2 choices of rafters: cap or EPDM
  • Recessed spotlights in the gutter 
  • Solid aluminium ornaments 
  • Raising profiles for mixing 52 and 55 mm and 52 and 85 mm infills
  • Roller shutters can be integrated