The VARIANT tubular veranda is Flandria Systems’ flagship product. Its quality, inertia and many variations make it an exceptional conservatory roof.

  • High inertia
  • Total thermal break
  • Full configuration in the Cover software
  • Wide choice of finishing options 
  • Allows freedom of design 
  • Complete luxury finish (hips, valleys, sides) 
Une pergola en aluminium, peinte en marron, s'adosse à une maison. Le paysage de forêt autour, créé un cadre verdoyant. Une table et des chaises disposées sous la pergola invitent à la détente dans un environnement paisible.

Our range of roofs offers you 1001 configurations to meet all desires.

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The VARIANT range of tubular roofs offers very high inertia and infinite shape possibilities thanks to the variable hips and valley. The rafters and hips are fastened with a sheeting system to ensure easy cutting, rapid installation and an exceptional finish.

Technical information

  • Filling thickness : 25 to 85 mm 
  • Permissible slope : 5° to 35° 
  • Rafter height : 105 mm 
  • Rafter width : 60 mm 
  • Gutterbeam width : 80 mm


    • 4 choices of raising gutters 
    • 2 choices of rafters and in-between profiles
    • Fixed or variable wall profile
    • Recessed spotlights in gutter and rafters 
    • Finishing profiles (ornaments, ridge crest or roof spire guy) 
    • Wide choice of standard capitels
    • Raising profiles to mix 32 and 55 mm infills 
    • Invisible fixing of posts to the eave and to the ground 
    • Built-in roller shutters possible