Pergolas and carports

Liberty pure

This customisable pergola can be build attached to a house or detached as freestanding pergola in the garden or as carport.

It allows you to extend the use of your terrace during the shoulder seasons by providing protection from the rain, sunlight in summer and daylight in winter.

  • Can be clad with sliding claustras 
  • Up to 6,5 metres between posts and 6 metres deep
  • Choice of posts: aligned with the facade or in the corners
  • Can be embedded in concrete or fixed to the ground
  • Neat finish and invisible fixing
  • Streamlined design 
  • With glazing and/or panel infill 
  • 100% customisable with an unlimited choice of colours  
Pergola avec toiture vitrée adossé à un mur au design moderne, cubique, épuré PATIO PURE de FLANDRIA SYSTEMS
Pergolas and Carports
Pergolas and Carports

Our range of pergolas / Carports offers an infinite number of designs, which will beautify your outdoor living space.

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Guarantees perfect watertightness to protect garden furniture and lets daylight into living spaces with a glazed roof. This means you can extend the use of your terrace in the shoulder seasons by protecting it from rain and sunlight in summer and enjoying daylight in winter. In short, the solution for embellishing your outdoor living spaces to suit your most unique desires.

Technical information

  • Filling thickness : 9/16/25/32 mm 
  • Permissible slope : 5° à 20°


  • 3 choices of raising gutters
  • Invisible fixing of posts 
  • Compatible with our Patio and Patio ST ranges 
  • Unlimited choice of colours 
  • Choice of posts: post aligned in the corner