Pergolas and carports


A simple, attractive and robust tubular pergola, the PATIO tubular roof without thermal break can be used to make awnings, pergolas and carports.

  • Long reach
  • Full configuration in the Cover software
  • Wide choice of finishes options 
  • Invisible fixing of posts to the ground and to the gutter 
  • Cover or joint 
  • Attached or detached to a house
  • Customisable
Une pergola en aluminium, s'adosse à une maison. Une table et des chaises disposées sous la pergola invitent à la détente. Le soleil brille et le beau temps incite à profiter du calme de ce petit coin de paradis.
Pergolas and Carports
Pergolas and Carports

Our range of pergolas / Carports offers an infinite number of designs, which will beautify your outdoor living space.

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The PATIO range of tubular roofs offers very high inertia and an aesthetically pleasing solution. The rafter attachment system guarantees easy cutting, rapid installation and an exceptional finish.

Technical information

  • Filling thickness : 9/16/25/32 mm 
  • Permissible slope : 5° à 20° 
  • Rafter height : 115 mm 
  • Rafter width : 60 mm 
  • Width of one-piece gutter : 180 mm


  • 3 choices of raising gutters 
  • 2 choices of rafter caps: aluminium and EPDM 
  • Invisible fixing of posts to the ground and to the gutter